Friday, November 27, 2009

The Wanderer

For 27 years I have filled a Xmas sock for her.

But not this year.

Because now she is wandering far from sockland.

On August 19th last, herself and her main man packed their rucksacks, waved goodbye to their safe lives and ventured forth to travel the world. They bravely took themselves out of impending settledom, gathered their nerve and flew to adventure.

So far, they have rattled their bones in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and are now languishing in Peru.

She is the first born. A good girl. Responsible, hardworking, loving and caring. And careful.

This was a big decision for her.

I'll miss her dreadfully but I wouldn't wish her here for all the tea in China.


Molly said...

Think of the stories she'll have for you when you see her again! And BTW, where is that blog address whereon she was to let us enjoy her adventures vicariously?

Pauline said...

Spoken like the best of mothers - love them and let them go. It's the hardest thing in the world to do and one of the most rewarding.

secret agent woman said...

What an exciting time for her. And I'm sure a little bittersweet for you!