Saturday, November 21, 2009


This piece of music takes me to the inner places of my ancestors, to places that I cannot remember.

Even without memory, my body responds to it on a cellular level, recognising some deep connection that defies my senses.

My rational mind would like to know why some musical pieces touch the core of one's being while others just drift past, unrecognised.

But my spirit doesn't care.

Its just happy to go along for the ride.


secret agent woman said...

I think it is amazing how a piece of music will speak to us on some primal level.

Molly said...

Something about tribal memory. You feel it in the bones....I needed a dose of this tonight. How did you know? It stirs feelings that I can't put into words. Nobody forced me to leave. But what twenty two year old stops to think about the long term?

Pauline said...

makes you wonder if inherited memory is a possibility - it is apparently a hotly debated subject.

patty said...

you expressed my feeling exactly. This music stirs my collective memory of my ancestors!

Meggie said...

Ah, I feel it too, in my bones or memory before memory. Haunting.