Monday, November 16, 2009

From Nowt to Nod.

Today's letter for inspiration is N.

Nought, nil, nada, nothing, nonsense, nearly, never, normal.

This is where my brain has landed.

The Land of Nowt.

Which must mean that I am going to moan, again, about having nothing to write about and no inspiration.

But never fear, there's bound to be some nonsense that I can unearth from the nether regions of my normally fertile imagination.

The Land of Nowt is a notorious place. The inhabitants are rather neanderthal in appearance and are encumbered with a somewhat narky disposition. They like nothing better than to nibble on nachos and nuts while nattering incessantly about the niceties of nooky . Nooky , or the lack of it, occupies their every waking moment. Woebetide the nuisance creature that would, with nerves of steel, dare to dispute the necessity of having a regular supply. The naive creature would end up with his neck in a noose, his nauseating screams the stuff of nightmares . Neither the nightingales in their nests nor the numerous nomadic nuns could save him from his nemesis.

So be wary reader. If you should happen to find yourself navigating your way through the nasty narcoleptic narrows of nothing to write about, don't go anywhere near the Land of Nowt. You may not live to tell the tale.

Now I am away from the Land of Nowt to the Land of Nod.


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Molly said...

Oh dear. That's all I have to say. Oh dear, oh dear!

Molly said...

There I was , banging my head [figuratively speaking] off the computer desk, at a loss to know what drivel I was going to put out there tonight, when down the stairs to the basement comes Lily....
"Tis done, tis done!" quoth she, "You can go to bed now!" So, tonight I'm home free! Bet you're jealous!

You could get the well-mannered one to do a guest spot. If you asked him nicely, and said "Please!"

Pauline said...

No doubt Nothing could persuade you and Molly to keep on with your November Notes, Nodding of course, to the Necessity of taxing the Noodle when there seems Naught to write about. Still, you have my Nod of approval and appreciation for your Nightly efforts.

Isabelle said...

Well, it's been really nice to hear a bit more from you. (Both.)Your efforts are being appreciated.