Sunday, November 1, 2009



A small word. Compact and to the point. Rolls off the tongue easily enough.
It can be said softly or loudly. Whispered with emotion or gloriously shouted.

If one looks it up in the dictionary one is informed that the direct meaning for Amen is "So be it".


If one were of a religious inclination one would be inclined to think "Well, thats it, I can do nor more" or, maybe, "Its in God's hands now, he'll take care of it" or maybe one might whisper softly to oneself "Whew, that was a close one, I'm glad its not my responsibility any more".

One might also think, if one had nothing better to be doing than contemplating one's navel or some other equally innocuous part of one's anatomy, "Why Amen? Why not Awomen?"

Luckily, around here, there isn't a lot of time for contemplation of one's body parts.

The big blister, aka Molly, and I have decided to post a blog a day for the month of November. This arose from a late-at-night telephone conversation which covered a myriad of subjects, including my disastrous attempts at blogging on a regular basis. In a moment of marble-free madness, I suggested that we both undertake the insanity that is Nablopomo. Molly, after much humming and hawing, and being the soul of big-sisterly kindness, reluctantly agreed. Against her better judgement, I might add. She is, indeed, older and wiser. Most of the time.

So here I am, clueless and bereft of inspiration.

Molly, dearest, as the older blister, one feels that you have a duty to guide and mentor the younger sibling. You are most remiss in your duty in letting the hare-brained one cajole you with well-meaning promises to be good. Do you not realise that queens and kings will go unwalked, psychotic hounds will remain unfed, spouses and offspring will, needlessly, suffer the rantings and ravings of a middle-aged, bewildered harridan.

What were you thinking?

I have no more to say for now.




Molly said...

I'm rubbing my hands together with glee! I was half afraid I'd be left hanging out in the NaBloPoMo darkness all by lonesome! Well done, Little Blister...One down, only twenty nine to go. What, indeed , were we thinking? Interesting word, amen. It resounded through our childhood. But always very soberly. I prefer the crazy enthusiasm of the deep south here, where "Amen!" is sung, not mumbled, in an enthusiastic, joyful chorus! I'm singing it now! Can you hear me??

secret agent woman said...

Well, welcome back. And what is that thing in the photo?

Lee said...

So far so good...

aubirdwoman said...

I like to think that amen....means
alls well.
So good to hear from you again
hugs birdy

Pauline said...

you're off to a good start lol

riseoutofme said...

Molly ... Would I let you down?? Have some faith woman ...

Secret agent woman .... Your sleuthing skills should be well tested by the photo! ... I will say it was photographed in Switzerland ..

Lee ... lets hope the momentum is maintained!

Birdy ..Nice to hear from you too!

Pauline ... Thank you.