Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just too Tired ...

Tonight I am just too tired to think. So, some pictures instead.

King of London Zoo.

London Zoo Flutterby.

Another Flutterby.

Yet Another Flutterby.

Would be king accompanied by meat-eating flutterby.

You see all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures at the Zoo.


Molly said...

I hear you....I think we both need to book ourselves in to the insane asylum! And I don't even have the excuse of palace duty! Love the picture of the tiger....Am partial to tigers, as you know. Going soon to visit my own! Get some sleep, drink some wine, anything! Just don't quit on me now!

Pauline said...

I am hoping November doesn't end, I am so enjoying your daily posts along with Molly's. I have a feeling I will be rereading them all during December as you will both retreat from blogging until spring!

Meggie said...

I love reading your posts, seeing your pictures!