Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Classy ....



Pathetic stray hairs combed over a bald patch.


Wife-beater vests.

Dirty fingernails.

Woolly socks with sandals.

White socks with sandals.

Peroxide blonde hair with bright blue eye shadow.

Foul-mouthed people.

Mutton dressed up as lamb.

Battered burgers.

White ties.

Smelly feet.

Smelly anything.


Dog beaters.

Litter louts.

Lovers who cheat.

I'm feeling rather intolerant today.


Molly said...

Embrace the baldness! Or the gray. Or the age. Do it with grace. But yes! Do please blow the nose, scrub the fingernails, wash the feet [and the teeth,] pet the pooch and don't cheat! But what the hell is wrong with woolly socks and sandals? I'm making a statement [and trying to stay warm!]

Molly said...
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J Cosmo Newbery said...

But I'm feeling tolerant enough to let you indulge your intolerance!

Lee said...

Can I trade off? I mean, if I have dirty fingernails but don't pick my nose, is that one all?

Pauline said...

I read that list item by item, nodded my head as I formed mental pictures to accompany them and then laughed aloud at your final comment. For all its brevity, this was a great post!

secret agent woman said...

I absolutely agree on the behavioral and hygiene issues. The fashion things I care less about - if people are happy with their clothes, what do I care (as long as it isn't anything actually offensive)? Besides, it can be a great provider of giggles.

persiflage said...

Let's face it, there is a lot to be intolerant about! Go forth and do battle, say .

Warty Mammal said...

Some things are worth a dose of intolerance.