Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life gets in the way ...

Today is day 14 of Nabloblahblah.

So far, I have managed, technically, to post a blog a day.

But it is now 12.30am and I am lost for inspiration.

I don't know what possessed me when I got to thinking I could write something coherent every day for 30 days. A lightness of the brain perhaps? An absence of grey matter maybe?

I'm sorry Molly, but tonight the madness of the week has finally caught up on me and I am unable to post anything worth reading even for you, the most faithful of readers!

Tomorrow, I will try to do better.

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Molly said...

Well, you didn't drop the ball entirely! You put into words exactly what I'm thinking, here at the half way mark! Breathe deep. I have confidence in you. Inspiration will come!

Warty Mammal said...

You could always post the photo of the naked fellow again.

Pauline said...

a post is a post is a post - inspiration is often highly overrated. Just write your day, or your thoughts about your day, or what you wish your day might have been. Or do as you have done, post your weariness. Life is life, Rise and you have risen to the occasion!

riseoutofme said...

Molly ... ball?? Do you KNOW how many balls I'm juggling at the moment?

Tanya ... hot on the heels of your brilliant suggestion, I tried to do a post on the naked man from la mancha ... but couldn't find the photo ... lost when the computer crashed a while back .. and then I tried linking the original post just to get the photo but being completely illiterate when it comes to computers ... Alas ... no success ... but if I can ever figure out how to get the photo up so it can be enlarged I will certainly do a post on that fine specimen of manhood!

Pauline ... sometimes the everyday stuff just seems to be so banal .. but thanks for the encouragement!

Meggie said...

I always enjoy reading other's banal, ...for some reason it comforts me!