Monday, November 26, 2007

White Rooms

Last weekend, I spent time in a different city, in a different room, engaged in activites which were very different to the normal, everyday patterns that constitute my existence.

I chanted, I meditated, I breathed, I expanded and contracted, I sang, I danced to my own inner rhythm, with others, alone, surrounded, all in a large, white, octagonal, room. I was nobody's mother, partner, sister, daughter, friend or enemy. There were no expectations. No hidden agenda. Just a large, white room filled with brightness, freedom and acceptance.

I listened mindfully to my companions and to myself. It's amazing what you can hear when you really listen. Especially to yourself.

It's Monday evening now and I'm back to being someone's mother, partner, sister, daughter, friend. Everyone has an agenda. It feels like there is no space to just be.

I have no white rooms in my house. Its too small. So, I have to be content with a potent memory from my misspent youth.


Barbara said...

Tell us more about your weekend activities. Sounds appealing to me!

Pauline said...

but rise, now you carry that white room with you wherever you go - you can listen mindfully to your family, hear the silence between voices and familiar, daily sounds, dance in your kitchen - it's the taking as yours all that occurred in the white room that makes it such a marvelous experience, no?

CS said...

A retreat? Those are so good for you - I always find I'm in a bit of a different state for a while afterwards.

Molly said...

Ohmmm...what agenda? Love that music---very evocative.

Anonymous said...