Monday, September 15, 2008

Help! .......please?

After months of phone calls and nasty letters and nose-biting to spite my face, I am now giving up the good fight.

The stinking, rotten multi-national has won. I concede defeat.

Most ungraciously.

I am now in the market for a new laptop.

And as I haven't the foggiest as to which ones are good, bad or indifferent or wonderful machines, I need help. Desperately.

I am a COMPLETE technophobe, so any suggestions from all of you seasoned bloggers will be greatly appreciated.

My needs are simple. Easy to use, enough storage for photos.

Thats about it.

Daughter No. 2 is back to college this week and, as a result, I am computerless for most of the time. I feel like an addict going through cold turkey.

Help, please.


sMC said...

hello rise. My only advice is get the people whom you buy it from to set it up and make sure every thing is working before parting with the money. We had 6 months of coming and going with a DVD Recorder which was faulty. NEW but faulty. lots of hugs and hope someone can offer you better help.

Stomper Girl said...

I would buy the one sold to you by the nicest, least patronising salesperson with the best after-sales support plan.

I like to recommend Mac computers to technophobes, they are much more user friendly and less likely to crash. But if you're used to PCs be prepared to 1) pay more and 2) be a bit confused at first while you make the switch. My Mum went Mac after many years on a PC - she has the same level of computer competence as you - and she LOVES the Mac.

meggie said...

After reading Linds' awful ordeal with her son's new, faulty, Dell, I would think twice about those.
My son, who is in the industry of high usage of computers, swears by Mac.

Molly said...

Being a technophobe like yerself I'm not qualified to say which is better. But I received a gift of my present computer from a very generous relative, who, wouldn't you know, is now without one herself!It's a Dell---from their outlet store, and ,so far, knock on wood, tie yellow ribbons round your fingers,cross your toes, it's working like a charm. Why don't you hop on a plane and come live with me and we'll share it? How's that for a brilliant plan?

Pauline said...

get an iMAC

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Not really an expert but if you can afford a Mac, they're the best. For normal mortals, Fujitsu Lifebook series is pretty good and I am using a Compaq which has been reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, sorry!

My former computer person used to complain about Dells but I've always had good luck with them and also with their phone support. She convinced me to buy an Acer, which I have been MOST unhappy with. But anyone you ask will have their own favorites and horror stories.

Isabelle said...

Haven't a clue. But good luck. Mine seems to be called Lenovo, and it's fairly ok.

StitchinByTheLake said...

My husband and I both have HP laptop computers and love them. blessings, marlene