Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lifes Little Hiccups

As I sit here navel gazing (one of my preferred pastimes), I am overwhelmed by an uneasy sense of relief. After 6 whole days of attempting to conquer the intricacies of blogging and failing MISERABLY, I now have somehow managed to arrive at "create post". I don't yet know how I did this .. but not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I am not leaving this page until I have written SOMETHING. In my pathetic attempts to LOG IN I managed to change my password 3 times, create blogsites to supply a small African country and through all of this I managed to retain what vaguely resembles sanity. This last point is arguable, according to GB.

My heart soars with admiration and envy for the "computerati" of the world.

But life is FULL of little hiccups.

Many years ago, I went to a wedding... my first wedding. The excitement of it all. The beautiful bride to be, the handsome groom, the guests, the party, the sunny day... I was 16 and a tad on the wild side. Dressed to the nines, hair shiny, toes spotless, I was ready for the grown up world. Nobody told me about sherry. Four or five sherries later, I was feeling no pain. In fact, I wasn't feeling very much at all. The rest of the party is still a blank. And in that blankness there is curiosity, regret and pure shame. This is one of my hiccups and now that I think about it, its not so little anymore. That day was the most important day for someone very dear to me.

I guess, at this stage, she has forgiven me, but its still a little hiccup.

This kinda puts blogging into perspective.


meggie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I love to get comments, & am just angry with blogger for not allowing Molly to leave them- I used to always look forward to her comments.
I loved this post, & it made me laugh! It reminded me that alcohol is one of the little 'curve balls'-aka 'hiccups'- that life saves for you! Well, perhaps not for all of us, but some of us get caught!

Molly said...

Loud whoop from Florida. Houston---we have lift-off! Glad you figured out the mysterious workings of Blogger. I made a horrible mess when I started mine. Must have had about seven different passwords, none of which would let me in. Finally my own member of the computerati took pity, and came and untangled me!

If you're referring to our wedding, I never knew that you were did you manage to look so sweet and decorous in the photos? Have only the haziest memories of the whole event myself. 'Twould be nice to be a guest at one's own wedding so one could actually relax and enjoy it....

Aunty Evil said...

Glad to be reading you riseoutofme! I laughed at your sherry episode, I think we have all had those cringeworthy moments.

I am also laughing at Molly saying she didn't know you were half stacked at her wedding!

Glad you worked out the methods of getting a post online, my hands were SHAKING with my first post, and I even cried, because I thought "oh god, everyone is going to think I am a loony". Then I thought "what the hey, I AM a loony!"

meggie said...

Happy St Patrick's day to you!!
I laughed at Aunty was terrifying for me, when I first began to blog.
It was the Emporor's new clothes-- they could all see I had NONE!! I stumbled around, & with help from the blogerati, I managed to 'get the hang of it', so to speak!
I still fumble around in the dark, much like a teenage male on his first dates.. haha!

Isabelle said...

What you need is my older daughter at your side. I would never have got started without her. Then when I changed to New Blogger I had the husband on side. Still can't sign in from work, though probably my employers would think this was a good thing.

Welcome back to the world of Blog, Riseoutofme, even if you are tall and slender.

Isabelle said...

By the way - I thought you meant your own first wedding. At 16. I was surprised. But Molly's comment helped.

Stomper Girl said...

I hope you wrote it down, when you found the right combination to make a new post!

Sounds like you were a reasonably decorous drunk at Molly's wedding. Which is a good talent to have.

Liz said...

Well come on, don't leave us all hanging -- where are you?????