Thursday, November 15, 2007

Attack of the Muddles

Did you ever have one of those days where everything you do goes assways? Where you realise at 10am that, really, it wasn't such a good idea to be up and about, that, in fact, you are a menace to society and, that a return to the supine position, behind locked doors is the favoured option?

Today, I had one of those days.

At 8.15am, with 2 cups of tea sloshing around inside, I proceeded to drive the birthday bird and her friend to the bus station. They were catching a bus to Dublin and a flight from there to Venice. An assignment had to be dropped off first. Off we went, loins girded, to enter the black hole of Calcutta, which is a polite term for the traffic around here at that time. Twenty minutes later,after travelling approximately 2 miles, I am informed by the very anxious daughter that "Its not that building Mom, its the other one ....I TOLD YOU THIS yesterday". Shite. Forgot. Muddled. Eventually, dropped off assignment, spent 20 more minutes in hell and then dropped off travellers. With 3 minutes to spare.

Proceeded to the morning ritual. Her Highness complained that her tea wasn't as hot as she likes it and "Would I mind, terribly, making a fresh cup?" The first time I have EVER forgotten to heat the damn cup, and she noticed. Then, nearly knocked my beloved, ever patient Larry over getting him out of bed, couldn't find his socks or his teeth,spilt his glass of water into his lap, all the while hopping around like a demented flea because of the 2 cups of tea. Put his shoes on the wrong feet, wondered why he was wincing in pain, realised, apologised and then dropped his teeth into the wash hand basin.......

Came out to discover that I had left the lights on in the car and now the battery was dead. Grabbed a neighbour, jump leads and a few deep breaths.

Home to discover the greedy hound had performed in the kitchen and was skulking in the corner wondering if she could get out the door without me seeing her. I ignored her. As much for my own sanity as her safety. Cleaned the mess, gagging all the while. Lovely.

Proceeded then to put on a white wash with a NEW red shirt mysteriously secreted in the pile, break the damn vacuum cleaner, burn the dinner and crack my toes on the corner of the bed. And now the computer is misbehaving.

I'm feeling very muddled. I think I'll go to the scratcher and get horizontal.

I bet your day wasn't as fun-filled as mine.

*The painting is by Jackson Pollack.


Pauline said...

Lordy, and I thought my day that began by locking my keys in the car with the car still running followed by 7 hours in a classroom of unruly eight year olds and me with the beginnings of bronhcitis followed by getting caught umbrella-less in a torrential downpour that turned to sleet while I was slogging through it was bad. I'm sorry for laughing. You have me beat a hundredfold! Hope tomorrow is better.

molly said...

'Twas into the lap of Her Highness you should have dumped the unsatisfactory tea! Sounds like a terrible day. Sympathies.

As I was waiting at baggage claim today after winging it north, I watched while a young mother near me berated her 9-ish year old son, telling him crossly that his behaviour was unacceptable. I figured she only had a few years left to work on him...they turn so quickly from little children to towering young adults who are hard pressed to maintain their sanity while having to deal with the muddled old folks their parents have become....But, the day of reckoning is at hand. When the Birthday Bird has children of her own, it'll water your eyes how wise and wonderful she'll think you....!!

Birdydownunder said...

as I used to say.... I think I'll go and eat worms, or run away.
Hope tomorrow is better.

Tanya Brown said...

Tomorrow will be better.

In novels, the heroines always have a day just like the one you described right before a pile of money drops into their laps or someone dashing whisks them away to a sun-kissed island. Since you're already taken, I'm going to assume you'll be filthy rich by this time tomorrow. Think of me kindly when your riches descend, will you?

Stomper Girl said...

That was a terrible horrible no-good very bad day. I hope tomorrow is better.

Unknown said...

wow. no contest... and that will teach you to warm those cups. they do notice and they do get used to it.

whimsical brainpan said...