Friday, May 4, 2007

A Right Pair of Wans

Under normal circumstances, shopping does nothing for me. It doesn't matter what kind of shopping. Grocery or clothes, electrical or doodah, personal or impersonal .... it doesn't make a blind bit of difference ... I still cannot get enthusiastic.

I have 2 daughters, aged 26 and 20, who, unlike me, love to shop ... well, really, one who loves to shop and the other, who is, a more than willing, poverty-stricken accomplice. And nothing delights them more than when they manage to persuade their less than ecstatic mother to join them on one of their jaunts to the big smoke for a few hours of retail therapy. What, you say, do they want with the reluctant, old bag who hates shopping? Well, they tell me "It'll be FUN!" ..... you know " you really could do with some NEW clothes yourself Mum" ..... " It'll be just us girls".... "Quality time with your darling daughters ?" they ask, querulously and I am suckered, persuaded, against my better judgement, mind you, to accompany them on the expedition.

Against my better judgement, because experience has taught me that spending "quality time" with this pair of wans usually entails the "spending" of large quantities of cash on my part.

Anyway, because I love them dearly, I am usually cajoled into accompanying them.

Our most recent expedition was during the Easter holidays. Daughter No.1 was home from London for a few days so there was great bonhomie and general gaiety. Daughter No. 2 (the impoverished one) was practically barefoot for the want of a hole-less pair of shoes so was aiding and abetting daughter no. 1.

It was a beautiful, sunny day. Everybody out in summery type clothes, smiling happy faces all around us. Lots and lots of people, mainly of the youthful variety. As we're wandering the streets through the milling masses it starts to dawn on me slowly that people are looking at us and smiling. A lot of people looking and a lot of people smiling. Its the weather, I thought to myself, everyone is in better form when the sun shines. In and out of every shop, up and down each street, and they are still smiling. I do a quick check to make sure I have'nt my trousers on back to front or odd shoes on my feet. No, I seem to have been able to manage to put an appearance on myself. And the girls, as usual, are gorgeous.

Ah yes.

The gorgeous girls. No wonder they are looking. Because, on closer inspection, the people looking and smiling at us are ALL male. They all PRETEND they are not looking. But I know. I see them adjusting their flight paths to get closer or suddenly changing direction which will necessitate an "Excuse me, I'm SO sorry" accompanied by a dazzling smile. And the less bold ones, well, they gaze from afar, smiling. I'm beginning to enjoy this.

When I tell the girls they laugh and seem unfazed by it all. They are used to this anonymous adoration.

"Time was" I tell them "when I could turn a few heads myself". Being well brought up young ladies, they didn't snigger. But that was a long, long time ago.

For now, I am content to bask in the reflected glory. Content to stroll down the boulevard, beautiful daughters each side of me, to smile benevolently at all and sundry. To feel an inordinate amount of pride in the beautiful, happy, loving children that I have managed to drag, by the skin of my teeth, into adulthood.

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frannie said...

you have a great way of telling a story!

tell those girls not to take it for granted... we all lose the ability to turn heads.

meggie said...

I remember that feeling!
And I loved to take my daughter out, & watch young men steer into her path, with adoring eyes. And she was so unaware, & innocent, & surprised. As I was in my day.
And now we have the granddaughter to watch.
A lovley post!

Molly said...

I could just see the threesome swanning down O'Connell St., gorgeous girls studiously "unaware" of the smiles of the besotted swains, while Queen Mum waves and smiles regally at her adoring public......I do kind of feel sorry for women who only have sons[ who, I hasten to add, are lovely!]and for women who don't have sisters....

Princess Banter said...

Aaaah good daughters you have :) As a daughter myself, I enjoy nothing else more than a good day with my mother to shop and to dine... and to talk endlessly :)

Pauline said...

Loved this little glimpse into your life. Found you tthe same day as you did me, and through Lee! I immediately added you to my list of "must reads." Happy discovery. I will think of five questions as you requested on my meme post and post them here for you soon.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Thank you for the visit. You are a fine writer!

mikaelah said...

what a lovely writer you are. My first of many visits.